Which Pictures are the Most Important?

At the age of 56 years, I now look back at my life and see how a good portion of it has passed. The other day, I looked through hundreds of old film pics from way back. I have thousands of slides and negatives sitting in boxes and drawers. Innumerable prints live in larger boxes.

Which images mean the most to me? The landscapes? No, they are mere landscapes and not even of the extreme quality I can obtain with today’s digital cameras. However, I have thousands of images of old friends, family, and neighbors. Is the quality up to today’s standards? By no means! However, these images are the precious ones, the ones to hang onto for the rest of my life.

Little Emily and the Mama in 1996

Little Emily and the Mama in 1996

Take these two pictures, for instance. The first one is of my wife and daughter in 1996. I made it with an old Nikon FE on Kodak Gold film. It is not up to the quality of the new digital picture of the same little girl, now at 23, married, and pregnant with my grandson. However, it is irreplaceably valuable to my wife and me.

Emily and hubby in 2014

Emily and hubby in 2014

The most important pictures, and the ones you will treasure above all others later in life are the people pictures. In your quest for the perfect landscape, sports shot, or wildlife shot, please do not overlook what will later be much more important to you. A landscape will, pretty much, always be there, but people are temporary.

The new mama Emily, awaits my grandchild

The new mama Emily, awaits my grandchild

Take pictures of your friends, family, neighbors, and pets. You are the historian for your family. The people pictures are the important ones. I say this from my own life experience. Surely yours won’t be all that different from mine.

Oh, and be sure that someone takes pictures of you from time to time!

Keep on capturing time…

Darrell Young

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