Nikon Z6 and Z7 Mirrorless Camera Revealed!

For several years the Nikon faithful (me included) have awaited a powerful Nikon full-frame mirrorless camera. While we love our excellent but heavy DSLRs, we’ve craved a smaller, simpler camera with modern features that we can carry anywhere. We have craved a great EVF (electronic viewfinder) so we can immediately see when we have captured an excellent shot, without chimping. We have wanted superior in-body image stabilization (IBIS or VR) and no reflex mirror slap, for great handheld shots. We’ve craved the ability to shoot silently when we don’t want to call attention to ourselves (lions, tigers, bears, and friends have excellent hearing). We need a new, modern lens mount for even better and faster lenses, with the ability to adapt our older Nikkors while we build our new system over time.

Nikon Z7 Front View

Nikon Z7 Front View with Nikkor Z 24-70mm f/4 S lens

We want zebra stripes for easy manual focus, in-viewfinder live preview with image detail, a live histogram, low-light focusing, and an autofocus system that works well while using the monitor during video recording. We want to continue seeing our subject without image blackout during burst shooting. We need speed and more speed and even more speed, a fast-operating camera with a high image burst rate for those times we absolutely must get the shot. We need flexible, clean, 10-bit HDMI output for recording 1080p and 4K video to external recorders.

Nikon Z7 Back View

Nikon Z7 Back View

We need Nikon’s a new Z6 (24.5 MP) or Z7 (45.7 MP) mirrorless interchangeable lens (MILC) camera. Here are a few features for your pleasure:


  • New larger lens mount for greater light transmission (Z-mount)
  • Compatible with older F-mount lenses using a special adapter
  • Nikon EXPEED 6 image processing system
  • 55 mm inner Z-mount diameter for fast apertures (e.g., f/0.95)
  • 16 mm flange focal distance
  • Has both phase-detect and contrast-detect focal plane autofocus
  • 5-axis sensor-shifting, 5-stop in-camera vibration reduction
  • Z7 45.7 MP FX-Format BSI (back-side-illuminated) 35mm sensor
  • Z6 24.5 MP FX-Format BSI (back-side-illuminated) 35mm sensor
  • Z7 has 493 AF points (covers about 90% of imaging area)
  • Z6 has 273 AF points (covers about 90% of imaging area)
  • Z7 45.7 MP at up to 9 FPS
  • Z6 24.5 MP up to 12 FPS
  • 3690K OLED EVF display panel (viewfinder) with 100% coverage and 0.8x magnification
  • 3.2-inch 2100K-dot touch-sensitive, tilting LCD monitor on camera’s back
  • New middle-range-sharpening system for sharper images
  • 5-axis VR for approximately 5 stops of stabilization (works with Z- and F-mount lenses)
  • Video: 4K UHD 30p (3840 x 2160/30p), FHD 120p (1920 x 1080/120p)
  • 10-bit HDMI output
  • Video includes a 10-bit N-log for wide dynamic range and timecoding
  • 12-stop, 1300% dynamic range in video
  • Nikkor Z lenses have control ring to adjust aperture and exposure compensation (quietly)
  • Very little focus breathing in new lenses
  • MB-N10 Multi-power Battery Pack coming soon (two EN-EL15B batteries in pack)
  • Compatible with other Nikon system equipment (e.g., Flash units)
  • Z7 – ISO 64 — 25,600 (Normal Range), expands from ISO 32 — 102,400
  • Z6 – ISO 100 — 51,200 (Normal Range), expands from ISO 50 — 204,800
  • Three new S-Line lenses initially (nano-crystal coating)
  • Dedicated FTZ adapter to use F-mount lenses
  • Body build is similar to the Nikon D850
  • Focus stacking with focus peaking (called Peaking stack image)
  • Interval timer shooting
  • Extended low-light metering range for night photography
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Can use EN-EL15/a/b batteries
  • Supports USB charging using the EH-79 charging AC adapter

Nikon Z7 Top View

Nikon Z7 Top View


  • Z7 available as of September 27 for $3,399.95 body only
  • Z7 available as of September 27 for $3,999.95 as a kit with Nikkor Z 24-70mm f/4 S lens
  • Z6 available late November for $1,995.95 for body only
  • Z6 available late November for $2,599.95 as a kit with Nikkor Z 24-70mm f/4 S lens

These new mirrorless cameras are reasonably priced and have high-end features that will be the envy of non-Nikon photographers. Are you ready for the new mirrorless photography experience? I know I am.  Here are a few pictures for your pleasure:






Keep on capturing time…  (with your new Z6 or Z7)

Darrell Young

Darrell Young

Darrell Young is an active member of the Nikonians User Community, Nikon Professional Services (NPS), Professional Photographers of America (PPA), North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA), and the author of 24 photography books from NikoniansPress and Picture and Pen Press, through Rocky Nook. You may review a few of Darrell’s Nikon books here. He has been an avid photographer since 1968 when his mother gave him a Brownie Hawkeye camera.

This website was created to support the readers of his educational books, photography students, and clients. Visitors to this website will find articles and reviews designed to inform, teach, and help you enjoy your photographic journey.

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